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We created this website to share with the world our passion for a greater understanding of the various roles played by fish oil in our lives. To achieve raised levels of wellness we naturally seek out solutions which we believe will help us in our goal to enhance the quality of our lifestyle.

After facing various health challenges along the way, both personally and with other family members, we feel a sense of mission to explore the many ways in which fish oil can help improve general wellbeing.

We invite you to follow our fascinating journey of exploration into how this important natural substance can have such a wide range of effects on how our bodies deal with the daily stresses of life.

David Phillips
Melos Publishing Limited

David is a Chemistry graduate and worked as a research scientist with Shell, as well as a financial management consultant with various large companies in the finance sector. As well as having a passion for health and wellness, David is also keen on contributing to a sustainable planet and with an eye on posterity is currently invovled in planting trees on land on the island of Anglesey.

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